Do you want to purchase the best basketball marking kit in the marketplace? Go through this article to learn best 2 basketball court marking kits. Generally, the kits are very comfortable to use and also the handling is simple. It is suitable for those who are all waiting to buy the best quality with inexpensive marking kits.

  1. Ronan sports of basketball court stencil kit:

This stencil kit contains the throw line, white can of spray paint, 3 point line and guidelines. Using this kit you can easily draw the basketball court diagram and you must not roll on the paint why because it does not give the proper result, this is the most important thing you should keep on every time.

It is hassle-free, easy to clean, and also low in price. When compared to the other products in the market, it really works well and also the company provides the 30 days of return policy to this product.

  1. Spalding marking kit:

With this kit, you can get the best guidelines to marking the court, 3 jumbo pieces of chalk pieces, and also you can wash this chalk pieces using the water. It doesn’t come with spray paint, if you did any mistake, you can easily correct it using the chalk pieces and instructions of this product are easily understandable.

It comes at an affordable price in the market and also if you buy this marking kit you can easily set up your court within minutes.

7 simple steps to build a basketball court:

Here we discuss the 7 easy steps to build your basketball court yourself. They are as listed below,

  1. If you want to install the basketball court, you should mainly concentrate on the dimensions and lines. Commonly, the basketball court requires more space. At least, it should be 94 feet long.
  2. At first, you must choose the best location, it should be flat. If it is flat surface, then you can easily build your court so it does not require extra effort to construct.
  3. If you are making a full court, you should purchase 2 basketball pole hoops, otherwise 1 hoop is enough.
  4. Secondly, mark the dimensions of your court completely and make sure that once again, whether the measuring is dimension is perfect or not.
  5. You should remove everything from dust, stones, grasses etc. and level your surface equally, meaning some of the areas may be high or low so you should correct it.
  6. Create the foundation. The surface of your court must be dry. Once you construct the foundation, it takes completely 36 hours to dry after that you can utilize your court.
  7. After completing the foundation, paint the principal lines. It is very hard to draw so you should keep concentration while you painting the principal lines. Finally, your court is ready to play.

Using these simple steps you can easily build a perfect basketball court and also it gives great look.

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