Many of you scared to install the basketball court in your home only because of the budget. Are you aware of the basketball court diagram? Commonly, the implementation of the basketball court is highly expensive but don’t worry, you can easily install the basketball court yourself in indoor or outdoor of your home. This article takes you the best flooring designs and the basketball court flooring cost.

The cost of the wood floors:

Wood flooring is normally low in cost when comparing to the normal flooring and also it provides more comfort to the players while they playing the basketball game. It gives the attractive appearance and also it is easy to install so it does not take more time to install. This maple flooring is broadly classified into three different types. Each of the floorings comes with various types of special features. Let’s read the unique features of the various wood flooring in detail,

  1. Random wood flooring:

This random length wood flooring provides the more surface. Most of the sports industries give most preference to this random wood flooring because this is inexpensive and also it comes with standard quality.

It gives the natural appearance, durability, and also it is environment free. The wood manufacturing companies are giving more concentration to make this wood flooring durable so it provides long time durability. If you want attractive flooring on your basketball court, you may paint graphics designs and game lines on the floor to make it pretty.

  1. Parquet maple flooring:

This parquet maple flooring is also called as sports wood. This is the perfect choice for those who want to install the basketball flooring at low cost. It provides more flexibility and it is durable in nature. This type of flooring requires low maintenance so definitely you can save more money if you install this flooring in your basketball court.

You can easily install this wood on your normal concrete. Only a little amount of wood is more than enough to fill a large space of basketball court. Not only it provides the strength but also it is more in flexibility.

  1. A continuous strip of hardwood flooring:

This continuous strip of hardwood is made by using the high-quality of wood. This is one of the best floorings for the basketball court. It provides stability and greater look. The strength of the wood is high, so it can able to manage the weight. It can able to reflect the heat and absorbs the moisture content.

The average length of this wood is up to 2m so you can install this hardwood faster when compared to the other flooring. It gives more flexibility to your shoes. If you install this wood flooring in your basketball court, you can benefit a lot.


The total estimation cost of these three wood floors is coming within your budget so you need not worry about the cost. It gives the greater look so you can proudly use this flooring for your basketball court flooring.

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