Most you have doubt on your mind like what is the difference between the basketball court and hockey rinks. You might search a lot of places but you didn’t get an answer, right. If yes, then this is the best article for you to know about the basketball court vs. hockey rink.

What is basketball court?

The basketball is one of the top-most famous sports. It is mainly played on the earth’s surface. The surface of this basketball court should be rectangular in shape and flooring should be made using the tiles in each and every end. Mostly, the professional basketball is played in the indoors only so the court is made using the maple, wood, and highly polished surfaces why because it gives more comfort to the players so the players can easily play the game.

The court of the basketball comes with different sizes and colors but the shape of the court is stable (i.e.) rectangular shape. The size of the court may vary from the international game to normal school games so you don’t want to bother about it.

What is hockey rink?

This is also one of the famous sports. It is specially designed for the ice hockey. The ground of this game is rectangular in shape but the edges of the each corner should be rounded. The ground must be surrounded by the wall approximately it should be 1 meter in height.

It requires more maintenance so the cost will become highly expensive. There are two blue lines are presented in the court and it is divided into rinks this is called as zones. The rink is mainly used to judge the goals.

The main difference between the basketball court and hockey rink:

Do you want to know about the main difference between the basketball court and hockey rink?  If yes, then read continuously this article,

  1. The basketball court is much smaller in size comparing to the hockey rinks why because the dimensions of hockey rinks are 200 feet long and 85 wide but the basketball court is 94 feet long and 50 wide. One should know the basketball court diagram to draw an appropriate court to play.
  2. The cost of the basketball court is less when comparing to the hockey rink and also it needs more maintenance. The creation of the playground is more complicated because it is a seasonal game so it requires every time implementation but basketball does not require more execution, the single court is more than enough to play for long years.
  3. If you created the ice hockey rink, the layers of the ice are thin so you need to create many thin layers and make sure every time it is strong and durable. Use the calcium-chloride solution as it helps to form the base of the ice layers.
  4. You should construct the walls and glass panels on ice hockey rinks, but basketball court does not need any panels.


If you want to change the basketball court to the hockey rink, then it takes more cost to implement. But you can easily change the ice rinks to basketball court because it doesn’t require heavy installation.

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