Most of the people would love to play a basketball game. This is because, the game is really interesting to play when comparing to the other games, so it keeps more fans. But many of you don’t know clearly, the exact size of the basketball court and tennis court. Let’s we briefly talk about the how to learn to draw basketball court diagram and basketball court vs. tennis court size here.

Basketball court size:

The size of the basketball court may vary from one place to another. For example, if it is a national level basketball game, the court should be long and wide. On the other hand, if it is high school level games, the length may be low. But the size doesn’t matter and also it does not affect your game.

Tennis court size:

Tennis is one of the most interesting games in this world. When it comes to the size, it is rectangular in shape with fitted a low net in the center of the court. You can use the same surface for both single and double players match.

The main difference between the basketball court and tennis court size:

Are you eagerly waiting to know the difference between the size of the basketball court and tennis court? If yes, then read the below points to identify about the size of these courts.

  1. When it comes to the shape of these two courts, both are same as it is rectangular shape but the size is completely different. Tennis court size is much smaller than the basketball court size.
  2. The installation period and material cost of the basketball court is low when comparing to the tennis court but the tennis court requires high amount to install and also it needs continuous maintenance.
  3. The dimension of the tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide but the basketball court size is 94 feet long and 58 feet wide. The size of the court is enough for double players also but in the basketball court, the size differs from the players.
  4. Both of the games are completely different so it requires the different types of flooring. Mostly, the basketball court requires the maple or wood flooring why because wood gives more grip to the players comparing to the concrete or other floorings but the tennis court is made using the grass, clay, synthetic court or concrete.
  5. The height of the ceiling in the basketball court is much smaller than the tennis court. It requires the 8.23m but the tennis court needed to construct 9.1m height.
  6. The additional clear space around the court is needed in the tennis game why because the extra space it used to score the high run on the game but for the basketball game doesn’t require any additional space.
  7. The net is fixed in the corner of the court in basketball but it is fixed in the center position on the court called tennis game.

These are some common points about the basketball court vs. tennis court. Surely, it gives the clear view about the tennis and basketball court size.

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