A basketball hoop in the driveway on the garage and a slab of concrete in the back yard is a must for hoops junkies. The new basketball court diagram is the perfect place to shoot some hoops with your kids and sharpen your own game. To get decent at the game you are going to need to practice and to practice you are going to need a basketball hoop. Buying a portable basketball hoop is a great choice. The best portable basketball hoops starting from the cheapest and going up to the higher end products.

Best basketball hoop for driveway:

  • Lifetime 52 inch shatter proof portable basketball system:

Lifetime makes some great cheaper hoops out there on the market. This unit is a 52-inch shatter proof portable basketball court diagram. If you want to adjust the height then all you need to do is go to the back where you will find the handles, squeeze and you can place the height of the hoop. This portable basketball hoop is one of the favorites for a budget unit because it has wheels on the base. This makes it easy to move and transport out of the way when you are done using it.

  • Spalding NBA portable basketball system:

This is an amazing basketball hoop that is last nearly a lifetime. This NBA portable system comes with a 5-inch backboard that looks and feels like one you find in a professional game. This is a great part of the system and you can get rid of the lift handle. To make this unit portable the base has a wheel that makes rolling it into your garage simple. This portable basketball hoop comes with a fairly large base.

  • Street tournament side court:

This portable basketball hoop from Spalding is one of the most tops of the line hoops that you can get if you want something that is going to last, look great and durable under conditions you throw at it. You will get a backboard that is cushioned and there is a large offset from the pole system. This is the perfect hoop for hosting any kind of tournament in your area.

  • Spalding 60 inch acrylic backboard:

Spalding is one of the best when it comes to the portable basketball court diagram hoops. You can get an awesome rim that has springs for a heavy duty game of basketball. You can get a heavy duty steel frame to hold up under abuse and a large gallon tank on the bottom to keep it in place.

The main feature that makes this different then the NBA portable went over above is the massive backboard. It comes with a 60-inch acrylic that will not give you a larger shooting area but it looks amazing. This is the perfect hoop for a beginner who wants a decent hoop to practice their skills.

This is enough for you to find a great portable basketball hoop and get playing as soon as possible.

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