The NBA is appreciated as national basketball association, which is one of the projecting men’s proficient basketball league held in North America, and its famous spread almost across the entire world. At present, the NBA has 30 basketball teams, in which one is from Canada and others are in the United States.

These teams are divided into two sessions namely the western session and eastern session. They were competing with each other through the 83 regular season games. In the layout shortened period this game has 50 seasons only. The D-League is also ruled by the NBA.

The basic measurements of the NBA approved basketball court measurements:

The basketball court measurements approved by the NBA is slightly different from the other basketball courts. In this basketball court, all the boundary lines are part of the lane and the lane space are marked and the neutral zone is not marked.

The color of the lane space marks and neutral zone marks should be differentiated with contrast color boundary lines. The lane space marking areas are having 2 inches by 7 inches and the neutral zone area has 12 inches by 8 inches.

A free throw line with wide of 2 inches should be drawn across each of the circle spaces which are placed on the basketball court. This lines shall be parallel to the end line and shall be the 15ft distance from the plane of the face of the basketball court backboard.

The 3-point field goal area has parallel lines 3 feet from the sidelines which are extending from the baseline. And the arc of 23 feet, 9inches from the center of the basket which intersects the parallel lines.

4 hash marks shall be drawn with 2 inches wide range, which is perpendicular to the sideline on each side of the court and 28 feet distance from the baseline. These hash marks can be 3 feet distance from the free throw lane line mark and it was extended onto the court.

And also another 4 hash marks shall be drawn with 2 inches wide range, which is parallel to the baseline on each side of the free throw circle line. These hash marks shall be 13 feet distance from the free throw lane line and can have 6 feet in length.

2 hash marks are drawn with 2 inches wide range, which is perpendicular to the sideline and marked in front of the scorer’s table. And it has 4 feet on each side of the midcourt line, this marks will designate the substitution box area of the basketball court.

The measurements of backboard:

The backboard is a raised vertical board with a basket attached, which is made of a flat right piece of material, that were often transparent, hence it will not obstruct the audience’s view.

This board shall have a rectangle measurements with a 6 ft. or 72 inches horizontally and by 3 ½ ft. or 42 inches vertically. The court has 2 pieces, which are placed on the opposite sides.

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