Basketball is a sport played between two teams normally consisting of five and more players. Each team will have five players on the basketball court diagram at any given time. You have to score more points than the other team player with that points being scored by shooting a ball through a basketball hoop that is located ten feet above the ground. The two teams will shoot at the opposite goals. In order to move in possession of the ball, a player will be dribbling or bouncing the ball.

How to play a basketball game?

The referee tosses up the ball from the center of the circle. The centers of both teams will take a leap up in the air and then attempt to direct the ball with the smash of their hands to their respective teams. The team will receive the ball tries and then takes it towards the basket to gain the points through the field goal. The ball can be passed to other teammates in an attempt to make the basket and falling to do so will result in a violation called traveling.

To learn how to play basketball you should know the different basketball court diagram positions. The team that has the ball is the offensive player and they try to lead the ball towards the basket by making use of passes among the teammates. Once the ball is near the basket the next important thing is shooting. There will be a large number of shots that practiced to enable accurate shooting.

How to know the point system?

If you are learning how to play basketball then you should know the point system is necessary. The free throw basket counts for one point, a normal field goal basket is count as two points and the basket made from beyond the three-point line is count for three points. The team that prevents the ball to advance near their basket is playing defensive. There will be many defensive strategies like zone defense and then man to man defense in that the players are assigned to defend accordingly.

All the game facts are taken into the account like starting the game, positioning, points and fouls. You have to get the equipment and teams ready to play basketball. The quick learner has to make your shoot by holding the ball from two hands to acquire the accuracy in shooting. You have to practice a lot in dribbling the ball. You should be able to dribble the ball without actually looking at the ball. This will help you to retain your focus on the game.

Basketball is a popular game throughout the world. It is important for you to know the basic skills in this game. You can play this game efficiently by mastering the basic things in basketball. To play this game in a better way, you need to improve your dribbling and shooting skills at the same time you have to reduce the fouls in this game.

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